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About Enerlogic Tools

ENERLOGIC ELECTRONIC TOOLS AND EQUIPMENTS LIMITED is a company focused on power tools development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises, intelligent control systems of power tools as the core content, for the formation of a different household appliances, electronics, hardware, gifts, electronics, watches, etc. industries, different sizes, different applications products and targeted solutions. Among them, the electric screwdriver series, has won a number of national patents, and with good quality, low cost, and improve after-sales, the rapid formation of a strong influence in this area.
The company is headquartered in Hong Kong, the mainland has production bases in mainland China and Southeast Asia, Europe, America and other places have authorized resellers. Meanwhile, the company with a number of research institutions, universities became deep technology partners, continue to develop the depth of field of power tools.
Customer service, and customers with success, along with the company's entire growth process. We confidently, do everything, to face every challenge, meet every opportunity to promote the company step by step "from good to great."